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The National Taiwan Sport University opened its doors to the global tchoukball community today as the first academic event at a World Championships took place. Running in conjunction with the World Beach Tchoukball Championships, it offers delegates a chance to share best practice with the promotion and governance of tchoukball across the world.

Keynote speakers from across Taiwan were there presenting best practice of sports education to the delegates. Members of the Chinese Taipei National Olympic Committee were also able to discuss the modern Olympic ideal and the education of elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Also present was Chris Huang, FITB President for the last 8 years to discuss his personal experiences developing tchoukball. Chris shared his strong personal convictions about the educational and moral benefits of sport and tchoukball as well as some tips for those present.

"As President, it is important to be humble and to be willing to learn from others. You have to balance this with strong leadership and most importantly you must choose the right people to work with."

Chris was honoured with a certificate and gift for his work with tchoukball.

Over the coming days, the conference will see presentations from the development of tchoukball in South Asia and Pakistan to the presentation of tchoukball's newest form, wheelchair tchoukball, when European Tchoukball Federation President Chiara Volonté takes the stage.

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